WinHeight® is conscious of how important it is to create reliable and safe machines. That is why we design our burners, paying attention to the details and guaranteeing a fine and clean mechanic. With high skilled management coming from long careers in the world of burners, we want to provide a new high end product in terms of performances, efficiency and reliability. Our goal is to propose ourselves in the energy market as new best alternative to flagship brands, providing to the customer the same high level of satisfaction.

Strict product quality control system

Each burner is quality controlled after its production phase to guarantee the complete functioning before leaving the company.

R&D base and burner production base

R&D and production are working in deep contact for a continuous improvement and development of our products.

Competitive price advantage

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Experience of advanced combustion technology made in Germany and Italy

The company has been founded by people with deep experience maturated in their previous carrer in European burner companies.

A sales network

A sales network has been set up nationwide to provide customers with perfect pre-sale and after-sales services.

Design and development team made of world-class burner technicians

We are committed to train and to involve our designers and technicians to achieve the highest level of professionality and passion on their job.


WinHeight® Brand technology leading the world is the inevitable choice of the market